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Searching for a particular avp doom mod.

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I know you can download an avp doom mod through a link on doomworld that does for the most part look similar to the one I downloaded off of Cd-rom.com way back when their ftp server was still up. I recall it having some very interesting levels and most of all, some very interesting tricks using dehacked. For example, soldiers getting shot and occasionally falling to their knees and bleeding for a moment, and as if by random occurence, they get up and fight on, or they die. Another was proximity mines which were and odd orange color as I recall. This other version of avp doom unfortunately falls short on these interesting innovations. If any of you have by chance come across it, I'd really appreciate knowing where to get it again.


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Try here. It might not be exactly the one you're looking for, but I think it's the best (all the others use many of its graphics) and there's an older version I found and uploaded that does have a mine layer.

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