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A stupid but necessary poll. Please help :(

Shall i change the mink sprites  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Shall i change the mink sprites

    • Yes. I hate that lard ass look.
    • Non. C\'est comme ci comme ca

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It's about the Mink skin. Someone said the other day on phobos labs forum that it freaky, in a bad way. And having looked at it and tried it in action, i'm incline to agree. She has an ass like a rhino's and the sprite size is way bigger than doomguys and some of the other monster sprites too. So i'm suggesting that i re-do the sprites since my sprite making skills has improved a lot since the time i first made this skin. Ultimately though i need to hear it from you guys whether you know what makes a good sprite or if you downloaded the skin and thought the sprites sucked in general.

Here's the current skin to help you choose. Just copy and paste the link.


A few notes:
1. Yes that's mink in my animated av.
2. I intend to replace some of the sounds for the update. Also i intend to do an english dub (many thanks to adv films and total recorder software) version, so now you can find out what's she says for her skulltag taunt!

edit: I vote yes because i wanna change them.

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c'est horrible. I know remaking sprites is a pain, but I bet you can redo this a whole lot better now. Shoot, that's all I did for half my old TC, was remake sprites. I think they all went through 3 iterations.

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God, I remember those original sprites, Scuba Steve. Yeesh, I can't believe how good you've gotten. Oh well, it's better than I can do. I couldn't draw a sprite if someone were holding a gun to my head. Hey, Scuba Steve, maybe you should make a sprite tutorial like your gun tutorial.

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geekmarine said:

Hey, Scuba Steve, maybe you should make a sprite tutorial like your gun tutorial.

Heh i asked the sprite experts here about that the other month. Their advice is more contrast, more detail and less blur, and i've been using that motto ever since.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I enabled polls in this forum. Go nuts.

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