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DeepSea Q for those that use it.

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Question; how do I "Fix All" in DeepSea? (I only have version 10.2...PayPal is being a pain in the ass, so I can't upgrade with that). Anyway, I created some new sectors using simple Rectangles and then connected them via Line Draw for hallways. I have several "Sector Not Closed" errors. So, I went up to Tools, expecting to see some "Fix All" button (like WadAuthor), but can only see "Fix [texture thing]" choices. Am I to take it that DeepSea can't automatically fix 'broken' sectors? Please say it isn't so!

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There is no fix all button. More a philosophical difference - both in style and approach to problems. Your question has never come up, so the following is subject to change<g>

Since WadAuthor only works in prefabs, the assumptions made are different from DeePsea. In DeePsea it's perfectly fine to just draw a line in the middle of nowhere (which is common today), so there is no concern for how many "lines" belong to a sector. OTOH, DeePsea checks for a lot of things bypassed by WadAuthor because of same freedom.

For that reason, there is a special section in the help explaining what a "sector" not closed" is all about.


It's also not possible to fix all instances. Either editor can get confused over some mistakes such as sidedef pointing into space. Automatically fixing ONE thing could propagate the error to other areas. Especially dangerous for levels with "tricks".

WadAuthor will not fix a "corridor" made incorrectly with a side sticking the wrong way, instead it just says that a sector has 2 linedefs (or other count oriented stuff) and leaves it up to you to fix).

DeePsea's method of editing is quite different and geared towards direct interaction with the details of a level. So this becomes real easy to fix - once the problem is understood. (I am curious why the connection was wrong. If you draw it with side1 sticking out, you will get an invalid side1 pointing into space.)

To fix, organize into your work into "sector segments". Select the "bad" linedefs and for the -last step- select a "good" linedef, the one it's supposed to point to. I'm assuming we are all dealing with the same side.

The next step can vary, but this is the quickest - hold down the shift key, move the cursor the bottom "sector" information box (for whatever side you are working with) and click it. That takes you directly to the sector value box.

Turn on the "log" option if there are a lot of "mistakes" and/or also selectively set which errors to check for.

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