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Ulathur Freespirit

damn memory =/

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I dusted of my doom directory to take a break from my normal hobbies, and came to realize a megawad I enjoyed was no more (mustve deleted, sigh my bad)

Can't think of its name, or who its by - but it was really detailed, well textured, and architecture and difficulty were pretty well thought out - the key thing that stands out in my memory is level 30 has this surreal hell setting (go figure) and when you step over a sector line, a really creepy demonic groan/growl sounds (done with use of a few dozen commander keens getting squashed in crushing sectors behind walls on either side of the player - makes a great noise heh)

if anyone has a clue what wad that is, and if they could even link it - i'd be thankful =)

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Hmm, Alien Vendetta?
Map30 have a sound before you enter the teleport to the icon of sin.

You can download it here: Alien Vedetta's Website or here: Idgames's ftp archive.
The mirror is the direct download (almost) link to it.

edit: I am 99% sure on it is av. Just looked through map30 and it have keens you are talking about.

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I have little knowledge of megawads, but upon reading your post, AV was going through my mind also. I never reached that level, but that megawad is indeed nicely done.

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