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Noobie question !!!

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Hello !!

I'm new at ZDoomGL so I don't understand everything...
I use the 0.74 release

I would like to play Doom with ZDoomGL on my home network (TCP/IP or IPX).
The 2nd PC has Doom95 installed and I wondered something...

- How do you launch a network game (I will be the server) with ZDoomGL ??
- I know that it's possible to play a network game between a DOS version and Doom95... So, is it possible to play between Doom95 and ZDoomGL ??

Thank you very much !!

PS : Don't hurt me, I'm better at French than at English ;) !!

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Doom95 and ZDoomGL

AFAIK that is impossible. In general, one engine does not work with the other.

For information on connecting manually on your home network, read the documentation that comes wiht the engine. Some readme.txt or something like that will tell you about -connect and such parameters.

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Ok, thank you !

But, if I install ZDoomGL on the second computer..
How can I play with on the network ??
I can't find a section in the ZDoom's readme.txt wich explains that :'(

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to host:

"zdoomgl -host 2" (two players, including host)

to join:

"zdoomgl -join <hostip>"

I think, anyway. It's been awhile since I did any network Dooming :)

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Ok, thank you very much !!!
I'll make 2 .BAT files to play quickly :)

Bye !

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