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Deathmatch specific news site...

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I've started a quite small and simple multiplayer news site here just so theres a central place I can put all the little news tidbits that I skim out of the forums and whatnot. I'm not looking for things to add to it or suggestions on how to make the site look snazzy. We don't need another Doomworld. I just thought it would be good to have a simple page dedicated to multiplayer news that is generally missed or just kind of inconsequencial to the major sites.

Note that I'm actually hoping people integrate the news page right into their own sites. This way people don't have to come to the one place to get the news, they can get it all over the place. It's much more efficient to spread the word via multiple sites as opposed to making people come to a single site. The more eyes you can get the info to the better, regardless of where they find it. A single central news source is also more efficient and should be great for cross-promotion. I just personally feel while there is a need to get more multiplayer information to the people who want it, do we need yet another place to have to go to get it? This way it's the news you want at the places you already go to. :-)

If people want they can just link back here but I'd rather they actually displayed the page on their site. In any case the page is up, use it if you like cuz it's there to stay.

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I like all your sites and all, Relik, but it seriously needs a url redirection.

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Oh heh, because of the aweful url to try to remember? Yeah maybe I'll see if Zdaemon will host it since Ralphis and Deathz0r will be co-running the page. I'll post about that on the ZD forums pretty quick. That'd prolly be the best place for the site.

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