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Naked Snake

Khan Central (thanks fod)

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I used to use Kahn and Kali in the old Descent(1) days.
ahh... ms-dos PPP networking over a 14.4 modem. life was good. unbelievably lossy and laggy, but good. :)

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BBG said:

Oh, so you DID add it. rofl. Well, I added it to my updated version of the FAQ. If you're not busy, Jules, sign on IRC so I can send it. #doom on freenode is where I'm probably going to be the most active.

I guess you're blind or something :P

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Well, it's cool that you guys mention Kahn, since ZoneLAN is now apparently kaput (we'll have to see in the near future, but as of now the ZoneLAN chat and rooms are gone.)

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