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Naked Snake

Firts Person Shooter Lounge vol.17 I think

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Caleb:Guess what guys?

Lo Wang:What?

DOOM:What the hell do you want retard?

Caleb:I was in the DW forums and BBG got a custom title.

Duke:Wow!Amazing...wasting out time...asshole.

Caleb:But guys BBG is coming down today and hes gonna grant us each 1 wish!


Caleb:Yeah and Ranger is gonna be in every volume after this.


Bigbadgangsta:I shalt grant thee one wish apiece.Make it snappy.

DOOM:I want to be able to switch my color for each episode.

BBG:It shalt be done.

Duke:I want 2 hot women that will have sex with me whenever I want.


Lo Wang:I want to be taller.

BBG:Got it.

Caleb:I dont want to die.

*All stay silent*

BBG:*uncontrolable laughter*No.

Caleb:What the hell?

BBG:You MUST die!Make another wish.

Caleb:I have same wish as Lo Wang.

BBG:Um...your 6'10...hes 5'2...he wants to be as tall as you...

Caleb:Spare me the details.

*BBG grants all wishes.But something has gone wrong with Caleb's wish.Being so tall he was stretch so far he snapped in half.

BBG:Heh.*He disapears in a cloud of smoke.Ranger walks in*

Ranger:Ah...me no see Caleb dies.

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Hahahaha! Caleb is not that long stick bug from A Bug's Life, so Caleb snapped in half! Muahahahaha! Caleb bites the dust once again, just like every time!

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