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Anyone interested in doing little tutorials on sprite creation, I mean I felt more comfortable with my old paint program..not microsoft paint, that's impossible to work with, I could do textures with Corel, but

i'm finding difficulty with my psp 7....doing the simplest things, once I figure it out I'm sure I'll appreciate the advanced features but right now they are frustrating me...maybe a texture tutorial first, since they are easier.

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Remember kids, airbrushes and freehand selection are your friends.

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Coopersville said:

Tutorials? Click Help in PSP7 and type what you want to do.

That stuff seemed non-applicable for the most part, trouble is i don't know where to start cause I have to refine my whole drawing technique.

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Assmaster said:

Step One: Close PSP
Step Two: Open Photoshop

My fucking version of photoshop isn't working at the moment. Won't even let me install my version again (my pc). Something stinks. >:(

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