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Starcruiser and weapon replacement

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I made some weapon replacement (not only sprites, textures and sounds... see for yourself) that will probably be used in my Star wars Doom mod (if this one is ever finished)

There's also a piece of Imperial Starcruiser. Just suck it down, and tell me what you think.


In case you have any questions... The rapid firing shotgun, mounted on weapon no. 3 is called Stormtrooper Heavy Rifle. It is designed for urban fighting.

The Super Shotgun under no. 6 will have his graphics changed, but i intend to put a double barreled shotgun anyway (and call it "smugler's Sawn-off), and the BFG will be transformed into a railgun soon.

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/me sucks it down. Wow, that's not bad, actually. I'm assuming you will be altering the projectile sprites. I'm really hoping we'll be able to fire the classic red blast shots soon. Other than that, it looks really nice. Can't wait to see more work on this in the future.

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Scuba, this rifle came from df-21.net it's a replacement for Stormtooper's rifle for Dark forces, but If you ask me looks a bit nicer than the original, and the one extracted from jedi knight was... kewl (I mean when changed to 320x200)

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Well, I've managed to draw some red sprites that could barely work for blaster shots (I'm not a good sprite artist, belive me), and put some new sounds in the wad. I've also added a complete animation for the stormtrooper (some frames were borrowed from ReX' Darkest Hour dough) and gave him the blaster rifle so he releases modified Imp fireballs instead of shotgun pellets... this makes the game a lot harder, cuz those projectiles travel really fast (100 units) and due to monsters flawless accuracy (when it comes to projectile not poin-shoot weapons) they hit ya almost every time. This mod may get very demanding... :D

Oh... no update on the files at WEB yet. I'll release them soon.

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