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Labrinth V2 now available

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It's good you're trying. But before you start using special features, like Doom Legacy's doble height sectors (or whatever you call it) learn yourself to use doom features, and try not making whole levels in one texture, even if it's perectly aligned. This makes the map frustrating and boring after some time.

A nice Idea for you would be to construct a lil' wad based on your own house/apartment... go ahead-try it!

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Oh no, not another myhouse.wad! They never look like the thing they're supposed to model and are boring as hell gameplay-wise.

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PumpkinSmasher said:

I have now release Labrinth V2. It is for Doom Legacy only. For Screenshots and the download go to my Web page. I hope you like it. http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/doom/index.html

The screenshots look very much empty, try fix it a bit up with some more sceney stuff, like tress, etc.

And as already said, try put more themes in your map. One texture theme makes the map boring to look at and play, even if it have some good gameplay.

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