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I am still alive!

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Ok, let me tell you the whole thing:

Last weekend my wife and I went to climb the Guagua Pichincha (a small half active volcano in my country), it takes about 8 hours to reach the top, so we dedcided to startat 10 am.

We started to climb at 1:25 pm, with a small load of food, blankets and water. Enough for 2 days.

At about 8:00 pm, it started to rain, and we had no place to hide from the rain, so we kept walking (we had no tent).

----This is the bad pat----

At around 8:30 pm, our lantern fell and broke, we sat down to eat something, and hypothermia started to knock on my door.

I will continue later, in a couple of seconds

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Ouch. Glad you're okay.

Wait a minute? Shouldn't this be in the blogs section? Just my opinion.

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Part two

We were eating, Georgiana was cold but fine, but I was in really bad shape.
I couldn't feel my face, hands nor feet; I was feeling really sleepy.

It may sound weird, but it felt really peacefull.

I was trying to get up, but I fell on my arm, it didn't hurt at all.
Then, at about 9 (I can't really recall) a guy showed up, he helped us to reach the shelter.
When we got there, my wife, this guy and the person in charge of the shelter unpacked everything we had and gave emergency aid.

At bout 11 pm my temperature was totally normal, but my arm was boken in two places.
I returned to town in an ambulance, with pain all over my body.

After all this adventure, I'm alie, happy and ok!

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when people have harrowing experiences they have a need to tell their story, usually and have people listen, blogs not so good for that..glad everyone's okay.

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