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Is Doom Collector a bargain ?

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I already own Doom and its sequels (of course). I’ve tried multiple patches and wrappers to update their graphics. For instance, I have the fantastic Jheretic (Heretic accelerated OpenGL or Direct3D).

Does anyone know if the Collector package includes support for 3D accelerators, DirectX?.. Does it include any reprocessing (for instance of the ancient midi score) and update is it just a compilation CD of the original games?

Should I buy Doom Collector or am I doomed to play with my favorite oldies in 320x200 forever?
Thanx in advance,

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I'm sorry, but you're Doomed. All the Collector's edition contains is every Doom IWAD, plus stupid Doom95. If you still needed a copy of Doom, I'd suggest getting it, but as it is, it has nothing extra, so don't bother. I actually bought it, but that was because I had lost my previous copy of Doom, something which happens to me periodically. It's nice to own Final Doom, BTW, not that I play it, and I'd die without Ultimate Doom, which I also hadn't previously owned.

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