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zdoom commands in wad/lump?

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Is there any way I can edit a Zdoom command (ex: cl_rockettrails=0) from the wad file so that users don't have to launch the game with the parameter +set cl_rockettrails=0?

The main question would be how to disable jumping, rocket trails and stuff from a lump in the wad.

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I don't think you can do that, but you could put in the text file about jumping not allowed and stuff. About the other stuff, I think people turn it on and off to their liking.

Edit: I guess I should stay away from stuff I don't know :P

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Yeah, use a file called autoexec.cfg (by default in the same directory as the engine, and it can be named otherwise too, most likely.)

Also, looking at the history file I recently noticed that MAPINFO can have some of this info stored in a WAD:

1.17c (5 May 1999)
* Fixed game saving crashes on maps with wind/current effects.
* In deep water sectors, the underwater light and fog colors can now be
set independently of the area above water.
* Added nojump, allowjump, nofreelook, and allowfreelook keywords for
use in MAPINFO lumps.

* The random number seed now changes each time you run the program.

I don't know how much more it can do, though. Regular ZDoom users might know better, or you can check the ZDoom site for more info on MAPINFO specs. Semi-relatedly, I recall MBF has a similar feature to affect the CFG from a WAD.

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Hmmmm... what about launching the game with a .bat file that includes the commands?
I'd still prefer editing things from the wad since some people may miss the .bat file.

The mapinfo lump cannot modify the trails nor disable the ability to step over objects... Being able to disable the jump is great, but I still need to edit other cfg parameters manually.

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