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JavaScript...blah. I always turn it off. Most of it is eiter annoying, coded wrong, which ends up crashing the browser anyway, or abused (spam, malicious web sites, automatic transferring to the aforementioned). Sure, there are a few times when I turn it on to view sites with JavaScript, but very rarely, and I immediately turn it off again once I'm done.

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Me too; I only turn javascript on temporarily and when I really have to. Even then I normally regret it.

With that being a geocities page, presumably all sorts of crap will pop up if I turn js on for it. I'm not going to risk it.

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Javascript is fun, I can make really annoying things... plus, lots of things use javascript so I never turn it off.

Plus I do have a crappy game outta javascript. Hit-The-Dot.

I am just posting out of pure boredom... I am sorta hoping to spread it :) hehehehe j/k

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