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Demonic Sphere

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Earlier for no reason at all I had an urge to draw a demon on paint. Originally I was going to make it look really wicked until I realized that the only demons I draw that're wicked are the ones I draw by hand. So I decided to take my lil demon into PSP7 and see what I could do, and I ended up with what I call Demonic Sphere


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For FUCK'S SAKE, ever heard of jpg compression?! I'm on 2MB cable and that took too long to download.
Anyways, it's a good concept, but the execution could be better.

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as dajuice said concept is nice.

if i see correctly there is a demon head and hand. you could try to shade them a bit, with quite heavy contrast i would add. (could work even when choosin that color there is and then few colors from between black and that (that == which is there). and it would add a lot more if you could somehow state that it is actually sphere where those demons are in. like making a new layer (presuming that you use something where layers are possible) and make a full shaded sphere so that is it almost visible. just something to show that is it really a sphere (it doesnt have to show too much, just a tiny bit is enough). also, would add a interesting touch if all the demon faces werent identical, like others are shouting for pain or something. this is just a critique i came up for you to make your work even better, as it is actually quite nice already, but i'm used to add some hard critique for making it even better (atleast this is what i think), hope you are not offended anyhow.

as for the filesize I have nothin to say since my isp is kinda malfunctioning in the past days and my vision is _not_ quite clear right now (oh yes, that's exacly what i've been doing ;) drink i mean)

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zabnat said:


2 Melfice: yes, you could try to render and shade inner deamon image. The idea is original, i must admit that :).

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