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Legacy 1.40 problem

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When I run legacy, I get my IP showing as 192.168.xxx.xxx instead of my internet IP... and I want to play on the net against another user.. but the game doesn't bind to my actual IP, so my friends can't connect...

I'm not that advanced, so help would be very appreciated :)

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you are on a LAN, using a router. If that's so, you will need to set your router up to pass the game data through to your computer. I have a Linksys router and it will allow "DMZ" to be set up for one computer on my LAN. That basically passes requests made to your WAN (wide-area network, or internet) IP to your LAN IP (the 192.168.xxx.xxx.

There may be more to it with Legacy, I've just networked with Zdoom. Using my router software, I check and write down my WAN IP. I tell that ip address to the player wanting to join me. I start zdoom as host, then the other player can join if I either 1)set up DMZ to my computer, or 2) just forward port 5029 to my computer.

I don't know about Legacy, it obviously picked up your LAN vs WAN ip address. If you can manually input your WAN ip address, then all you'll have to do after that is go DMZ or forward the correct port, either setting being made in the router. I don't know what port the Legacy host uses.

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