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MY old story, reposted for the new generation

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Yes, Ling might remeber this. An old story I wrote, I'll ask your opinions. It's not complete, and it may never be, but it sitll got some things in it. And it mentions Deimos instead of phobos floating over Earth. And if any of you have complaints about the doom novels, welll, don't make me telefrag you!

Sigh...let me know if it sucks or is good. But don't insult my fragile ego. :)
or I'll send Barons after you.

A moment of Revelation
By David B

Inspired by a Doom 2 megawad story…The Chaos Project

Sometimes it all comes together in a moment of revelation. Hence the title. This time though, Revelation comes right at the beginning, instead of the end…

One man’s destiny, set in the Doom universe to a degree…

Prologue: Shit out of Luck

David stood there, killing the same imp over and over again. “Damn it, just because I said I could doesn’t mean the Arch-vile can raise it 665 times!” After the 666th kill, David felt a wave of dizziness strike him. Then text appeared on the screen.

In a fitful nightmare you see your destiny unfold before you. The overrun cities of Earth, Destroyed military installations. The Gate, The terrifying void where not only two, but countless dimensions merge.
The void infested with the evil scourge you've dedicated your life to exterminating.
You see the power plant, so corrupt in its technology it bears no further corruption at the hands of hell.
Beyond this: the dim vision of your own death in a phantom temple, and your rebirth in its dungeon countless times to horrible torture. You see beyond even this, a glimpse of the Godless Abominate. Not only a thing, but also a place. Strangest thing is that how familiar it looks…. Are you ready? Y/N?

David blinked. “Whoa, I’m drinking too much cola…. Sugar hallucination. Uh, Yes or no, well, my life already sucks, and this sounds interesting…” He pressed Y. The world blew apart around him. He blinked at the brightness and fell back on a nonexistent chair. He fell back onto solid white; he closed his eyes, as he realized it was transporting him somewhere. He tried to stand up when a wave of energy struck him, knocking him out. He felt himself falling, falling through everything. He landed….

Chapter 1 “MOVE! MOVE!”

David heard shouts around him, and then woke up to something smelling like rotten lemons. “OH! What is that smell! I swear my farts do not smell like that…. Good GODS…” He looked around and wondered why it was so cold. Then he saw that he was naked. “AHHH! I think I entered the wrong universe. Goodbye!”

He looked around for clothing and found an old T-shirt with a matching pair of pants. He put them on and walked carefully, not wanting to guess what that smell was. He really didn’t want to know. He also wondered out loud why it smelled and was not happy about his response. BOOM!” He ducked in time to see a small wooden chair explode from a shotgun blast.

David held his hands up and said. “WHOA! Chill there, I don’t have any weapons, and you wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man would you?” He turned around to see his attacker and his stomach, despite having lots of experience with violent computer games and movies, lurched. David blinked once and said. “Ahh, shit….” He wrestled the shotgun out of the zombie’s hands and shot it in the head, all with pure adrenaline running. He panted. “Man, this is not good.”

He looked for shells and found one 4 pack. He sighed and walked out the door, and into a world of Hell. He surveyed the scene and said. “Sacre Blue! If this is Hell, I’m in deep shit…”

He heard someone scream. “HALT! Who are you?” David turned a little and heard a shotgun cock and press against his forehead. “ICK Ben ine not zombie! Not Zombie, not demon, not evil, human! Definitely human!” The shotgun was lowered somewhat and the voice said. “Okay, well, you’d be the smartest zombie yet…Plus, you’re not decayed, so, follow me, we need all the people we can get to fight these Demon bastards.”

David looked around and saw the man. “Okay, just tell me, what city are we in?” The man blinked. “Don’t you know, how did you get here then?” David explained somewhat. “Um, I was playing a computer game, and then a message popped up, told me I was going to save humankind and some other shit, and I happened to press Yes. Damn it, I really would have liked to go to another universe, like Diablo land…”

The sergeant, for that’s what his stripes showed, said. “What the Hell is Diablo?” David groaned. “Okay, this is going to be hard to explain, but I’m from another Universe. The one where this whole universe is inside a video game." ”The sergeant blinked. “What? This Hell is a Goddamned Computer game? Shit! If I ever go there, I’m shooting whoever made it.”

David groaned. “Same here, look, can I put my hands down.” The sergeant nodded and spoke into a mike. “Yeah, I got a live one, is Big Bird there, over?” A voice sounded. “Roger, follow the yellow brick road home.” The sergeant introduced himself. “John Edwards, former Martian colonist and appointed governor when all this shit happened…seven years ago.” David shuddered. “What year is it?” Sgt. John said. “2032. All started in 2025.”

David sighed. “Join the Army, see the world they said… Famous quote…Tell me, Sgt. John, what was the first sign?” Sgt. John shrugged. “Well, the report of Deimos appearing above earth was one, then transporters started acting up and teleporting all the Hellspawn in…Really damn bad thing, don’t you think?”

David growled. ”Yeah, tell me about it, this isn’t my idea of a vacation, and my ass smells better than those zombies…” He sniffed and grimaced. “Okay, so this is what city?” As they were walking, he was asking this.

Sgt. John sighed. “Used to be Los Angeles. Then those damn demons came and swarmed over the place. They took out the major cities first. Then they build towers that made a shield appear that was impossible to destroy, until someone had an idea to use plasma weaponry, tore right through and we took back Houston, and most of Texas. Tide’s turning, but they keep on bringing in those new demons…We can’t figure it out, some of them are easy, some of them just devastate us. Damn, what I wouldn’t give to give them the same. Come on, HQ is in this abandoned building. Well, underneath it anyway, uh don’t tell them that I told you that…until they trust you.”

David followed the man down a flight of stairs, into a basement and into an elevator. David noticed a mark on his hand. “You’re fighting demons and you have 666 on your hand?” Sgt. John smiled. “Yeah, they stop shooting at you if they see it. I’m a stealth unit I look for survivors. It makes me invisible to their eyes. Not permanent though…heh, that would be bad… That means your evil.”

He rubbed the mark off. “Waterproof my ass.” David smiled. “Makes sense…how many people in L.A? “ Sgt. John sighed. “Less than 1300 unfortunately. Chicago had 40,000, then it got nuked…My brother was there….” He broke off. David sighed. “Sorry, I ate the power plant…” Sgt. John smiled. “Nah, that’s not possible…heh. You’re funny, what’s your name?” David told him. He thought for a minute. “Hmm, good name, sounds like a famous persons…” The elevator stopped and they got off. Sgt. John knocked three times on a door and said. “Open up, I brought a survivor.”

David blinked as the door opened into the ceiling. “Whoa, this is like the game…” He walked through and followed Sgt. John into a room. A man looked over at them and said. “Ah, Good, we can use more help against those Goddamned Hellspawn. Name?” David told him and said. “I’m not a military person, sir, I can’t fight worth a damn. I killed a zombie by pure brute force and adrenaline.” Sgt. John nodded. “Yeah, I heard it. That’s why I went over there to investigate. The new man shook David’s hand and said. “Colonel John Romero Jr. U.S Air force, what’s left of it.”

Chapter 2 Blinked

David blinked twice. “Um, in the universe where I come from, the John Romero there is a famous computer programmer. He made the game that made this universe so to speak.” Col. John Romero smiled. “Well, weirder things have happened. Hell, everything has happened….” David nodded. “I noticed, and I’ve always wanted to be in L.A, but not like this. Sigh…” Col. John nodded. “I know son, well, tell me, how’s your experience with these monsters?”

David told him about the monsters he knew. “Damn, no wonder we have a hard time with those Arch-Viles. They raise the dead as well as flambé us. Well, no wonder why we can’t seem to clear an area with one of them until we kill it. Can’t raise other Arch-Viles, can they?” David nodded. “Not ever seen one do that, Sir.” Col. John sighed. “You’re not in the military, don’t call me sir.” David smiled. “Okay, Col. John.” David sat down and explained how he got here.

“Well, David, looks like it’s time for you to really help us out. We spotted a small group of those imps, about ten of them. Led by a dark green imp, shoots those damn red blasts of energy. They burn through any armor. Good thing it does no damage to skin, at least not very much. The normal imp’s fireballs are a pain in the ass though, kill you if you inhale at the wrong time.”

David nodded. “Yes, little annoying son-of-bitches…” Col. John laughed. “Yeah, well, what weapon do you think you need.” David thought and said. “Got a combat shotgun?” Col. John nodded. “Yes, but do you think you can handle the kick?” David though for a moment and said. “Hmm, maybe a normal shotgun. So, where are those imps?” Sgt. John Edwards spoke. “Um, Sir, the imps are reported to be in sector G-56. Approximately 2 miles from here, They are advancing on us as we speak, but we are sure that there are none of those Arch-Viles near here.”

“David, what do you think the best strategy is? We’re asking you and your experiences…” David though. “Shotguns all around, and heavy armor. Just in case something like a Baron shows up. That’s why I’d like a combat shotgun. 7 shots from that, and they’d be dead. Both barrels of course.” David was surprised by the next sentence. “I agree, David, okay, Sgt. John, I want you to take David here to the Armory, and assemble a 6-man squad. Sgt. James Kirk, Staff Sgt. Mack Thompson, Sgt. Lara Croft, Private John Asmos, and you, David will lead.”

David blinked. “You’re letting a man with no military experience lead a squad. He’ll be in charge, won’t he?” Col. John laughed. “Yes, I mean that you’ll be leading them to where they may be needed. You seem to have something special about you.” David shrugged. “Okay, but tell me, what does Sgt. Lara Croft look like?”

A female voice from behind Col. John answered as she stepped into the light. “Well, you could also call me Tanya Adams if you want, I’m from the same universe as you. I’ve forgotten my name.” David thought about something. “Ah, that explains why you believed my story without being so suspicious. Damn, that didn’t sound quite right.” Col. John laughed again. “Don’t worry about it!”

A short while later, the squad was advancing on a small group of imps, around 10. David was the one to spot the green-skinned one. He pointed his combat shotgun at the green imp’s head and whispered. “As soon as I fire, fire everything on this imp. He has to be the leader. Probably a sergeant too.”

He fired, stunning the imp, and 5 other shotguns fired and knocked the green imp fifteen feet backwards. It fell dead. The remaining nine imps did the impish equivalent of freak out.” David fired the other barrel and caught two imps on the right and left shoulder, paralyzing one arm each. They screamed and David reloaded. The other 5 men fired and then 3 imps remained.

Those three became nothing real fast. David went over to one and shot off its head. “I’m going to rip off your head and piss down your neck.” Everyone laughed. David sighed. “Let’s get out of here before something really bad happens…” They left slowly, and returned to the base, shooting a few zombies for practice.

Chapter 3 Lonely Road

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