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texture sizes, and uhh, other stuff

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I'm using Zdoom here.

1-Can I use a 304 x 204 texture in my wad? Or will it bug out?

2-I want to teleport all the players in my wad to 4 teleport landings I have here. In Zdoom's old reference thingy, there's Teleport (tid), but, there's only one tid--the tid of the destination! So how do I teleport people in ACS?

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You can use textures up to like 2048 tall (or so) in zdoom, however they may need to be in dimensions of powers of 2, but I can't recall

there are other teleport functions, teleport_group and teleporInSector, I'm not 100% sure how teleport group works, but teleportinsector does just what it says, teleports everything within the sector to another sector.

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You can make textures odd sizes (not power of 2), but if you want to tile (vertically or horizontally) then they have to be a power of 2. I've used one-of textures with all sorts of odd sizes.

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