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City, pt. 2

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From your unenviable vantage point, you see several large vats full of something roughly the same color as the sewage heap that talked to you, mountain ranges to all sides of you, and large quantities of sharp rocks directly below you.

Not surprisingly, your recliner starts falling gradually towards these sharp rocks. An attempt to get out of the chair only sends you into a high-speed spin. Cursing and twenty feet up, you finally launch yourself from the chair and directly into a sheer rock wall.

Then you find yourself not stopped by anything. No rock. No floor. It figures. It's a shitload of holographic imagery. Hell, what you thought was your recliner probably wasn't even...

You look back, expecting to see nothing but a rock wall, but instead you see the same sharp rocks. And no recliner smashed on them.

And there's an oddly soft and comfortable feeling on your ass...


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