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Quick dhe question...

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This is just a "where the heck is this?" kind of question...

I did a little project this morning, playing around with the BFG in DeHackEd. I wanted to make the BFG half as powerful, but twice as fast, both in flight speed and reload speed. I was able to do most of this stuff, but I couldn't find any way to change the value of the secondary hits (I don't know what to call them - the damage inflicted if you're in the area of a BFG blast but weren't hit by it). Where can I find this?

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AFAIK you can't change them with Dehacked. The BFG blast damage is calculated by a somewhat complex function, it's not just a static constant like the damage value of fireballs etc.

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It seems that they are coded into the game and can't be altered with Dehacked. Those little green explosions you see are just the special effects which don't cause any real damage.

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