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What to use with Windows XP to play WADs smoothly?

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Hi there. I've been having problems running WADs with XP. Now, I use GLDoom with the IWADS, and it works perfectly fine, but, as is to be expected, other WADs don't work with it. I've been looking for an alternative, and there are many of them, but most seem to only work with IWADS. I trust you wonderful Doom fiends know what program I should use to put an end to my worries. Thanks in advance.

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Dji said:

most seem to only work with IWADS

Are you sure you're loading the pwads properly? I don't know of any ports that don't accept pwads. Typically the command line would be something like this:

c:\doom2\PORTNAME.exe -iwad c:\doom2\doom2.wad -file c:\doom2\PWADNAME.wad

[Replace PORTNAME with, e.g. glboom, eternity, zdoom, etc.; replace PWADNAME with the name of the pwad you are trying to load, and adjust the paths and iwad as appropriate.]

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