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The Unmaker Project

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This is a little 'overview story' I wrote, greatly inspired by Doom 64 (more like the TC). However, this is not a retelling of Doom 64 even though it uses (obvious) elements from that game.

It takes place after the events in Doom 2 (duh).


The Unmaker Project

Humanity had been forced to evacuate their home planet Earth because the invasion of the Hell-like beings became too overwhelming.
It became common to refer to these monsters as demons even though there were still sceptics that doubted that these things were in fact demons from Hell, described in the Christian Bible as a place of eternal torment and suffering for all souls who had committed evil deeds in their lifetime.

Humankind was now scattered on several space colonies in the solar system Sol, while all men and women who had received military training were enrolled in organized military forces on Earth’s own moon, while another part of the moon served as a training facility for civilians who wished to join organized armed forces – most people volunteered, for the very existence of humanity was at stake. The Moon became the main outpost for the now reunited human forces; the place where events on Earth were monitored.
While news had come down that the demons’ entryway into our world had been closed, the situation was still very grim:
Demons were everywhere on Earth, ravaging anything they could find and it would take a massive military assault with countless casualties and a fair risk of all human soldiers still being wiped out, to actually destroy the threat entirely.

While military strategists were busy planning means of a future attack to reclaim the Earth, some high-ranking officials of the recently founded United Government Council went against the general consensus of the other Council Members and initiated a secret project.
One man had gained support from a small number of council officials. He was an excellent speaker and brilliant at persuading people to join his cause, yet he hadn’t managed to convince the entire council.
He and his followers sent a large science team to an abandoned UAC base located on Jupiter’s moon Io to work on the project. A detachment of soldiers was sent safeguard the project. This project was based on discoveries and close scientific studies made by scientists during the massive evacuation of Earth’s population. It was an attempt at creating a series of extremely powerful weapons, all significant in one particular fashion: they would be particularly efficient at killing demons.

Scientists had discovered that each monster contained an essence of strange energies within their bodies and that in some cases, their very bodies were made to channel these energies through means that none of the scientist could properly find an explanation to. This was basically how some demons were able to form bolts of pure fire or other dangerous energies. Yet the scientists had also coincidentally discovered that the energies, if mixed together into a concentrated blob of pure demon essence and channelled the right way, would become like a ravenous entity that would feed on regular demonic essence.

This was the knowledge that this science team sought to exploit in this project named Project: Unmaker.

They hoped it would aid humanity to unmake the demonic scourge on Earth.

They were fools.

The Unmaker project team sent squads on brief trips to Earth to capture a few demons alive. Once captured, experiments were conducted on the creatures and attempts to derive the monsters’ demonic essences were eventually successful. But the problem was how to turn the demonic energies into deadly forces that could be shot at demons to annihilate them. No man-made device could channel the energies without making the weapon explode in the operator’s hands or worse, so one of the scientists came up with the bold idea of using demon body parts to channel the energy.
But this only afforded another problem: how could this be turned into a weapon that humans could operate? No scientist had been able to find an explanation for the demons’ mysterious abilities to seemingly conjure up deadly powers based on the demonic energies and apparently, only the demons could summon the destructive powers within the demon energy at their own will.

The project seemed to slow to a halt when an ambitious scientist tried a new approach: fusing human technology with demonic materials. The scientists all knew that the demon hordes had the ability to employ any sort of technology in conjunction with their own nature-defying powers, but would the humans be able to do the same thing?
There was only one way to find out!
The scientists set to work again and once again dissected the captured demons, tearing off their skin and salvaging their bones and a few organs. They did many attempts to create a weapon consisting of demon flesh and bones fused with parts from the most advanced human weapons and they finally succeeded in the end.

Using cyborg technology to effectively fuse parts of a man-made energy weapon with demonic tissue, bones and even organs implemented into one deadly gun, the science team crafted the unique weapon that was generally referred to as “The Unmaker”.
Unfortunately, results were rather poor compared to expectations. The Unmaker turned out to merely be a weaker type of energy shooting rapid-fire weapon instead of the highly destructive weapon that the council officials had hoped for, so the team was put back to work in an effort to enhance the power of the Unmaker gun.

This turned out to be a much more difficult task than anticipated. While it was quickly discovered that it was possible to craft extra power sources of pure, concentrated demon energy, implementing it seemed impossible, as the gun would grow dangerously unstable. But after considerable research, they managed to craft a strange device made out of solidified demon essence. The process in creating this power source was frightfully complex. Implementing it was still a problem. There was no way this could be implemented directly into the gun as an inside part of the weapon as the constant feeding of devil energy into the gun would cause energies to gain a will of their own and consume the operator of the weapon. Plus, the energy holding device would dissolve if placed inside the gun.
But as always, a solution was found. Using the extra power source externally would not cause any mischief. And so three different devices of demon energies were crafted. Each shaped like a devilish pentagram – the only form in which it would not dissolve – but with each their colour depending on the specific types of demonic essences mixed into them, and each device would enhance the weapon’s functionality.

At this point, there were a few scientists that began to argue against this solution. One of these scientists had the feeling that creating these hellish devices could cause some sort of harm. He felt that they were perhaps more unstable than they seemed and the nature of what they could do might be dangerously unpredictable. He managed to convince a few scientists, but when he presented it for the rest of the science team, his request to take a different approach was denied, as he could not present sufficient proof to support his claims.

And while this happened, the last pieces of the puzzle were put together and the gun was about to be completed.

The gun had been slightly modified so that it had three slots for the three external power sources. As the finished result, the completed Unmaker was a weapon that could fire deadly bolts of demon-consuming energies. The gun required conventional energy cells to kickstart the demonic processes in the gun that would hurl out the deadly beams. The gun in itself was deadly, but less efficient than a conventional plasma rifle. However, once an external power source of demonic energies was attached, its destructive potential would be increased. An additional external power source would allow the gun to fire a twin stream and with all three power sources united in the gun, it would be capable of launching three streams of death at once.

However, while the science team managed to manufacture a small number of Unmaker weapons, they only got as far as to create one of each upgrade device, before their doom descended upon them.

Completely unbeknownst to most of the science team members or anyone else, tampering with demonic essences was not a harmless affair. In fact, mortals were never meant to be able to use the essences of demons against demons themselves and through their ignorance, these mortals paid a terrible price.
The one scientist who had been worried about crafting the three upgrade power devices, couldn’t have known just how justified his worries were. Yet even he could not have imagined just how dangerous it really was. The harm was already done during development of the base weapon.

While working on the project, the scientists had to create pure, concentrated demon energies through a variety of bizarre processes. While mixing various types of energies, the humans were unaware that the process somehow created a metaphysical link to the deepest bowels of Hell, where the almighty Queen Demon resided. The Devil Queen’s attention was drawn to the human world and she saw a chance to create a new rift between Hell and the mortal world. Using her powers, she was able to maintain the link to the Io base until the right moment when the three man-made demon artefacts were first brought together in its first test.

As the three powerful devices where attached to the bizarre weapon, they emanated an invisible shockwave of pure evil forces that the Queen Demon could meld together and use to tear a hole in the space-time continuum. This was only possible because there were powerful demon essences on both sides of the rift, both powerful enough to tear the interdimensional barriers apart.

The completed Unmaker had barely run through its first tests when demonic hordes poured into the base.

The base of Io was now completely overrun, but the events had been filmed by security cameras and the footage transmitted to the floating space station, “The Crusader”, where the United Government Council resided. The officials who were behind the project were quick to realize that the demons unleashed on the Io base, all shown in the video footage, were unleashed because of them – they just didn’t know how.
Their leader decided to cover up the disaster for as long as possible, secretly assembling a large detachment of marines, all veterans from the Earth invasion, and sending them to Io to destroy the demons and reclaim the base.
There were one major reason why he did not choose to destroy the entire moon with nuclear weapons: it would mean that the precious base with all the results achieved so far in the project would be lost and the chance to create these weapons would be lost too.
The secretive Council official had a devious interest in this as success in creating these weapons and using them to reclaim Earth would lead him to get a promotion and possibly allow him into the highest positions within the Council. Furthermore, this man had further plans with the Io base that would aid him in his personal agenda to gain power: he might get as far as to find a way to enslave demons. Once the Earth would be reclaimed, he would stand a good chance to become ruler of the entire planet if he spun his nets properly and his plans succeeded.

The Council official secretly hired a man among the marines to send a nuclear anti-matter bomb through the gate to destroy it. The official did not expect many of the marines in the detachment to survive the trials and the few that did could be silenced easily due to their small numbers.

However, the power hungry official was unaware that one particular man, battle-hardened veteran of the Earth invasion and the very warrior who managed to shut down the gate to Hell, was among the marines bound for Io.
This man had managed to survive on Earth long enough for him to be picked up by a scout patrol craft looking for survivors on the planet. Having endured countless nightmares of his ordeal and halfway on the road to madness he was now eager to spill demon blood.


- Nope, I'm not going to make any follow-ups to this story, because I'm too lazy and because I only wrote it to expand my personal horizon on the Doom universe (maybe I can use some of the ideas in this for later stories).

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An interesting possibility to a backstory for Doom 64 and it does explain the newcomers such as the Unmaker and the Demon Queen. A bit vague in regards to characters, such as referring to the marine and the "devious official" by rank alone, but that would be the spirit of doom storylines.

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Vile said:
An interesting possibility to a backstory for Doom 64 and it does explain the newcomers such as the Unmaker and the Demon Queen.

Well except that Doom64 apparently takes place on Phobos and it's about the base having been sealed off, letting radiation kill all demons, but then the Motherdemon shows up and she's immune to radiation and she resurrects all the dead demons giving them immunity against radiation.

Like I said, my story is a totally different story which kinda assumes that the Doom 64 story never took place.

A bit vague in regards to characters, such as referring to the marine and the "devious official" by rank alone, but that would be the spirit of doom storylines.

Well duh, it's an overview story - not a fully fledged storyline I've written. The characters were never meant to be detailed.
I only wrote this story to display a couple of interesting ideas I got without actually having to write a multipart story, so I wrote it like a summary of a story (which will not be written - at least not within a forseeable future).

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Yea thats was good it took me about a hour to read it because i kept goin crossed eyed for some reason

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