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Hi res Doom\JDoom

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Don't forget to check out DaniJ 666's hi res skins/misc stuff on the Jdoom forum on *shudder* NewDoom.

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BBG said:

Most of these come with installer files, but to install the Hi-Res textures, read this

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bellinger000 said:

i know but it dosent tell you how to install them there! well if it does i cant find it!
can anyone just tell me pleeease
thanks anyway : )

How to install the texture pack with jDoom (doomsday engine)?
Put all extracted files into \doomsday\Data\jDoom\textures !

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Ok, billinger000...you sound "new" to this whole DOOM thing. :) Don't take that as an insult, just that you seem to be asking a lot of basic questions that require more than simple answeres (for some of them). :)

Hi-Res textures simply go into \Doomsday\Data\jDOOM\Textures, as someone mentioned. When you are in the game, open up the "Control Panel" (hit Esc key, then choose Options, then Control Panel). In it find the one called Textures. On that panel, make sure "Enable Textures" is set to "Yes".

Weapons, monsters and objects, if I remember correctly, can be added in jDOOM...if you are an awesome programmer. :) jDOOM supports outside .dll linking (I think), and also uses DeHacked patches that can change stuff around. (Take a look at DOOM64 TC for an example; it runs under jDOOM quite well for me). But don't quote me on the whole .dll thing; I just remember seeing that somewhere in the docs, I swear!

Music and other/new sprites can be added using other programs out there (XWE, WinTex and some others). Once that's done, you can define them more via jDOOMs "Defs"...in the lates version you can even specify lights on textures. So that light on a ceiling texture can actually give off light. :)

My suggestion: Start basic. Play the game. Get used to it. Read the documentation on jDOOM. Don't go whole-hog into adding new weapons, monsters, objects, music, et al., and expect it to "fall into place" as you go. jDOOM is a very powerful port of DOOM/DOOM2/Heretic/Hexen. And, better yet, it keeps getting better! :) I'm waiting for the ACS system to get put in (I know he's gonna do it...he just *has* to! He _has_ to*! {repeate mantra). ;)

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