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Cost of upgrades for next year... Worth it?

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*GeForce FX 5600: $199
512 megs Mushkin PC3200 DDR SDRAM DIMM: $104.99

Subtotal $303.99
+ Tax [Ax1.065+(bx1.065)] = Total w/tax
Total is:

*-$20 from calculated total with the mail-in rebate on the GeForce FX5600


[Subtract 5% of total cost from both of these as prices go down, POSSIBLE]:

.05 x $199 = $9.95

GeForce FX5600
$189.05 + tax = $201.34

512 megs Mushkin PC3200 DDR SDRAM DIMM
$104.9 - $5.25 = $99.74
$99.74 + tax = $106.22

[$201.34 + $106.22]

Total with Tax if 5% taken off cost minimal:

$307.56 - $20 rebate


What do you think, is that worth the money? I get $70 a month for a social security fund because of my father.

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Considering I'm perfectly happy with my two year old machine, I'd say no... but then again I refuse to leave the wonderful world of Windows 98 SE.

Upgrading for, really, one game... but, if you put the equipment to use and actually use its full capabilities, go for it, you nut =P.

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Swap the Mushkin for some nice Corsair LL memory, and swap the Geforce FX for a Radeon 9500 or 9600 and you'd be good. The FX5900 is a decent enough card for the money, but the FX5600 and especially the 5200 are both TRASH. Don't even bother. I've had both in shop and they don't even attempt to compare to the equivalent ATI offerings. If you're dead-set on owning an nVidia card, wait for the next round of cards.

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I REALLY need an upgrade. My current machine has to many new-fangled processes that prevent it from running old games, yet the video is such ass that I cant run any new games. So I'm stuck with only being able to play games made between 96 and 98.

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If by next year you mean Doom 3, I'd wait until right around its release to buy everything, because by then there'll be a few new vid cards out and the prices will probably drop on the old ones. Plus, there's always X-Mas Sales! :P But its definitely worth upgrading, because even if Doom 3 didn't end up being worth it, atleast you'd have it ready for a ton of other games that are bound to follow in Doom 3's footsteps.

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