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The Diary

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It's short but I will complete another diary episode later on, and it will be longer than this one.

"I ran into Mark this evening, showing him my results for the day briefing. He said he was pleased with the results, but they were to be kept in his office
for further analyzes. Disappointed a bit, I gave him my report and he contiuned the direction that led to his office. These couple of weeks has been rather
dull, because I and the rest of the personnel here at C1 had been working for almost nothing. Our screens have been showing us nothing but static, every single day.
I thought of switching with Mike at C2 but they were having the same difficulties. Here at C1 we get to know basic info on the interdimensional gateway project
and I'm very curious of what they have come up with so far. Being a backupteam doesn't feel that comfortable. Anyway, it's getting late and I'd better hurry my
ass down to the command center and receive my latest mail from my wife and such. I do hope I will get my report back from Mark so I can continue to study it.
I don't know why Mark would've kept my report in his office, but I have complete confidence in him and I know he would let me know of any developments. I don't
know if should be typing this but I seriously suspect that my time here at the base is over real soon. I guess it's a hunch I've got. The tension is rising inside
of me and I'm starting to feel alittle worried. Not for my own safety, but for the whole personnel here at C1. We worked hard at the beginning, when this base
was under construction by the military, supporting the UAC for these strange interdimensional gateways that has been constructed. There's something in the air
that has been getting my attention for some reason, I don't know what is it exactly, but it's strong! Curse me for being an ass to her! I don't have THAT good
communication with the personnel here at the base, but I chose this job because I wanted my dream to be furfilled, but I guess that's not entirely true. Anyway,
I should get going now. Finding your way at this place isn't that easy, and I hope I will get transferred to a different section before my time here is over, for real."



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