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The Diary - Part 2

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"New orders about the project is being given by the people upstairs. I don't know for sure what's going on, but it seems that the scientists at the control room has successfully teleported a cardboardbox over to Deimos through the interdimensional gateway. I am to report to the command center for some new briefing about C1 and the rest of the personnel should be there too. The briefing is scheduled for 10.00 p.m. I haven't seen Mark since I handed over him my report that contained the strange images my screen picked up a month ago.

Today here at C1 a couple of healthinspectors came down to check upon the personnel. Everyone was as usual tired of all the work for nothing, but they didn't seem too bothered by the shape in the facility. They left in a hurry though, to examine the storage areas down at sector E. I had some problems with the access to the preservation area earlier today for some reason. The computer denied entrance and I had to go over to the nearest security booth in order to fix the problem. The security guard, David, was suprised by this error, because the system hasn't been shut down or encountered any difficulties for the past week.

Anyway, David managed to correct the error via the display so I could go in and check on the ratings for today's briefing. They seemed normal and there's was nothing new to tell them. It's one of those days I guess. I will report to the Commander-in-chief here at the base about my report and that I haven't spotted Mark at the base for some time. I hope that nothing has happened to him though. He did call me at my post and said that he was to investigate some missing files on his computer. He said that one of these files was my own medicalfile from Earth. The UAC wants all our records from the homeplanet in order to have the most important knowledge about us.

If I don't retrieve it back somehow, I'll never get transferred to a different section. If I succeed in getting my ass outta here I might be able to send a request to the Commander-in-chief for my participation in the gateway project. These daily briefings is killing me, they are of no use anymore. Now this talk about teleporter technology sounds pretty exciting to me, and I know I would be of some value to the scientist team working on it 24/7.

Maybe I'll stop by the hangar later today and get some info about these so called "space marines". The military came with troops from the U.S. Marine Corps from Earth but the training program here at the base is supposed to be alot harder. It's beginning to bother me that the personnel has no info whatsoever about eachother and the other people being stationed here. I don't even know what the military personnel's orders are except that I see them all day long. They hang out at the administration area, heavily guarding the officers' posts and barracks.

Anyway earlier at the command center, I managed to overhear a couple of scientists that are working in the control room that contains the gateway. They were talking about today's tests and the success of getting the box through and delivered to Deimos. They also wanted to begin the first teleporting of humans. If they got the OK from the Commander-in-chief they would be allowed to step into the other facilities here at the base, including C1 to ask for volunteers. The importance of this is rather high I guess. As I am intrigued by the technology they're developing, I don't think I'm ready for a test like that. That's what I heard anyway.

When I got back to C1 after my visit to the command center I saw a group of people looking at the notice-board. Apparently the base is cutting down on the staff here at C1. The reason? The base has almost no use of this section anymore and some of the personnel will get their paychecks, others will be welcomed with a trip back to Earth. This leaves me with little time to get intouch with the Commander-in-chief about the gateway project. I need to get to the administration area, to talk to the highest officer to can an appointment with him. I'm loosing time, and we're being sent back home."



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