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For those who can't reach XodeMultimedia...

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Thanks, that works. For some reason though, I still can't connect to the server, even though the website claims it's up.

"Connection was refused by server. Our excuses for the inconvenience, please try again later."

I get this every time.

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Thanks for posting that Mr. Chris :)

The website is right. It IS online, with 46 unqiue users together online at once and 66 unqiue users during the last hour.

Check your router/proxy and other hops you may have in your home network. Check your firewall(s). Otherwise it might be something your provider has set. And in case you're on AOL, use AOL 6.0 or higher.

Doom Connector's main connection is TCP 532 Outbound (note: outbound connection, 532 is the remote port, NOT the local port!)

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