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Broken screens...

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I figured this is the only place out of the two or three that I go to, that may have people who can help me on this...

I got this new laptop at the beginning of June, a Thinkpad T20. No, it's not one of those new silverish ones with a little mousepad in the front (I hate those things); this is older than most "new" laptops.

Last night I went to a party and brought it to show a few of the things I'd been doing with it lately. Well, long story short, it ended up taking a slightly nasty hit from a croquet mallet head (don't ask) falling on the top (it was closed). I shrugged it off, thinking it could not have possibly done any damage at the height it fell from.

But at about 3:30 AM I opened it up thinking I'd kill some time, and there was a considerable-sized crack in the top center of the screen. It only spread a little way, but some areas it affected were all black except for a few little splotches of random colors.

So I have a broken laptop screen. I figure I'd look for another one... but the only two I found on the IBM site were around $300! I really don't want to blow all the money I kept from my summer job on this. And there's nothing cheaper (like, no replacement kits or anything).

Someone please tell me an alternative, 'cause this absolutely sucks...

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Sorry but AFAIK all you can do is cough up the $300. Just the cost of owning a computer I guess :(

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