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Fanfic: Empty Rage

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Fan Fic: Empty Rage

Hello. For what way better than to say hello than by saying "Hello!" itself. I laugh at that, and at many things, but none so much or so heartily than at that particularly roflitude. I came about the time of the mars invasion a much different way than most of my fair readers might have, or might have imagined ever doing so, could they have imagined such a fate at all. It was the evening of August the eleventh in Martian time, and upon such day I sat in the rec room of the mars base entitled "Phobos 1", watching a cheap and fairly pointless pornographic film and waiting for my shift to begin.

The disturbance began as if a drill. A bright blue noise piercing out the dark silence and breaking me from my enthusiastic distraction. I laughed and was annoyed, the break in scheduled masturbation almost a welcome quit from ritual, although the stop from arrival frustrated me somewhat. I raised myself from the leather chair and stagger tiredly towards the door. The siren blared continually, its rude insistance making me aware of whatever danger lurked slightly beyond my comprehension or indeed my real care.

The station was alive with activity and hype. Men shouted orders, shouted in fright, shouted screams of assent and final reclamation. I bruised the initial scare and confusion, shouldering a nearby plasma weapon and shouting out, "Why is happening here!?"
With no responses arriving I pushed myself forwidth towards the bridge, hoping to find better answers there.

The place was a mess. I screamed and cryed at broken pieces of my life and home all scattered about the floor. Whaever madness had befallen this tragic station was beyong my skill to comprehend or form an effective force against. At late time I reached the bridge, but found nothing inside but broken guts and fallen men. I dragged the captain to his shattered feet and tried to drag an explanation from beneath his holy reverie.

"Monsters, demons, and things much worse,
they called us forth,
and pushed us down with broken verse,
and screamed forwidth.

We laughed and called them broken things,
they hurt us bad,
and poured from us the blood it clings,
I raged about."

Fuck them I thought, such broken idiots. God knows what massive stupor brought them to this fatal loss. I broke out and fired shot upon shot, a holy blasphemy of death. Things ripped and teared and died before me, I could hardly bear to look upon it. Each step I took seemed a weighted one, each shot I fired seemed a move to the grave. Such things came against me that which I had never seen, not even in the worst nightmares I had never dreamed.

I heard a laugh, a broken thing, it seemed to shatter all around my ears. In a fractured moment I saw it true, it came from me and pain below. I laughed just more at its pitiful dust, FUCK IT ALL whatever you must.

Red stained my vision more than anything could ever do. God, where is your mercy upon this hour, dust chokes me to the end. A horned thing it cries and screams and chokes and kills and breaks me down. LET ME GO WE CANNOT LOSE FOR WE ARE MAN. And they are just some Demon spawned from NOTHING. GOD let me rest I cannot behold this pain and this agony WHICH HURTS ME SO. GOOD GOD can you not see me suffer? Well whatever, does it matter?

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Very well written. It's about damn time someone put a fanfic up. It's been nothing but fan art for awhile now.

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Apart from those annoying spelling mistakes, it's fairly well-written and interesting.

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