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Naked Snake


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Even after the war ended, there were many fanatics that remained, followers of the dark ones that came from Hell and slaughtered billions.

This particular group thinks that a sacrifce of the blood of 25 children will form a proper gateway to bring the Demons back. They housed themselves in a abandoned apartment complex, like rats they hid from the authorities. They needed to wait until midnight.....

"Soon," the High Priest said to the moon, which was almost at it's peak "We may begin...soon...". He had the altar prepared, with "canals" carved in. The blood would collect in the jars, made from the skulls they had dug up. Once all the children were dead, the gateways would open once more! The High Priest was excited beyond all comprehension, his mind raced. His Masters would return soon, this very night! He motioned for his servant to come to his "chambers", on the top floor. As they walked the highest 3 floors, which were home to him alone, they talked.

"Master, I cannot believe that tonight, the demons will rule once more" the young one spoke, his voice fast with sheer joy. The old one nodded, his hood flowing back enough to reveal the grey hair of the old High Priest.
"Yes, my child, with the sacrifice given, the portals will open, we will all be given our own places next to our lord when he has taken the planet!". All the way up, they talked about their Masters and the sacrfice. Would the accomplish their goal?

The sergeant toked the cigar, the dimly lit trailer they used as their portable HQ, was filled with cigar and cigarette smoke. The troops talking about the mission.
"What I heard is the oldest kid is um, 12 and the youngest is 4", Robert said to Steve. His hands were always moving when he talked. Robert "talked" with his hands, when he spoke, he would always move them, which made him seem energetic, which was untrue. He was more likely to be spotted sitting at home with a beer than to be jogging or other excersize.
"Nah way, the oldest is 17" Steve said.
"Haha, she ain't legal yet, guys!" Ron shouted from the back. Ron was a pervert, no doubt about it, him and his wife. Rumor has it that they allowed eachother the cheat on one another.
"Shut up, you fuckin' idiot" Robert shouted back to Ron. Rob rolled his eyes and continued speaking to Steve, who took a long drag off his cigarette. The Sergeant looked at the blueprint. Of course, floor 2 had some holes, as far as they knew. The rest were in "good shape" in the fact they did not collapse yet.
"Allright, assemble!" The Sergeant barked, standing up quickly. Within moments, the squad had their weapons. This crack outfit was miliatry, but allowed to use some of their own arms (pistols) in addition to their gear. This was pretty much standard now, because it made the soldiers more "comfortable".

Robert - Light Support. Gear : MP-5, Colt .45, Flashbangs, Ka-Bar Combat Knife, Flashlight, Radio.

Steve - Medical Officer. Gear : Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun, Colt .45, Flashbangs, Ka-Bar Combat Knife, Flashlight, Radio, Medical Supplies.

Ron - Pointman. Gear : M4A3 w/ folding stock, Desert Eagle .357, Flashbangs, Ka-Bar Combat Knife, Radio, Flashlight, Tool Kit.

James - Sniper. Gear : PSG-1, FN Five-Seven, Ka-Bar Combat Knife, Radio, Light Amp Goggles.

Billy - Demolitions. Gear : OICW, Custom Gold Colt .45, Frag Grenades, C4 Charges, Flashbangs, Flashlight, Radio, Detonator, Tool Kit.

Adam - Sergeant, Heavy Weapons : Chaingun, Desert Eagle .454, Frag Grenades, Flashbangs, Flashlight, Radio.

They rushed out of the truck and into the front door, ready to kill. James went to the roof to snipe...

"Shit, the front was breached!" A druid shouted. They grabbed their weapons and headed downstairs or to guard the higher levels.

James waited on the roof, aiming his PSG-1 through the windows that were not boarded up. He saw a lone cultist. His brains were destroyed instantly when the bullet hit. "Gotcha, you dumb bastard".

The team rushed through the halls with little struggle, a few cultists, no more. They needed to secure two points. The upper level, where the girls were and the basement level, where the boys were. Billy and Robert went to the basement, which was near the service desk. The rest of the team went on.

"Your Holiness, commandos have come!" The cultist said, out of breath from running.
"Bring me the girls! We will start with them, then kill the boys after we take the building back! GO YOU IDIOT!". He was going to open the portal...no matter the cost

Um, I might continue this, but then again, I'm famous for dropping stories :-P

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Hmm, interesting concept, but I still feel you should've put more effort into the backstory: How come these fanatics are stupid enough to believe that the demons will do anything else than just mercilessly torture and slaughter them?
I can say already that the only explanations I would accept as of now would be that they were either insane or corrupted by demonic powers.

This crack outfit was miliatry, but allowed to use some of their own arms (pistols) in addition to their gear.

You should avoid using brackets anywhere in a story, unless you quote a document in the story or something, not to mention just listing the soldiers and their functions as if you're reading aloud from a list -> bad storytelling technigue.

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