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The journey to your working post

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Fresh blood could be spotted upon the entire floor. The thick air was making people dizzy. Corpses was all over the place. You couldn't even recognize those who had been slaughtered by the demons. The term demon was mentioned when we all saw a pink creature that had an enormous mouth. It had a resemblance to what a demon could look like in particular. I'm sitting here with my pistol, trying to protect the rest of what's left of the personnel, shattered about the grim situation we're in right now. We haven't even cleaned up this room, because we're so frightened that we'll get killed soon. There's no hope, no army, no salvation and we will eventually starve here to death. It's better than to serve those demons in death anyway.

When they overran the troops, we could spot that some marines were only injured and not slain. After a while, the troops got back on their feet. The problem was that they had lots of blood in their mouths, sounded pretty weird and they started shooting at us instead of the demons. They must have been turned into zombies or something. Now we knew that we couldn't be saved from those bastards. There's about twenty workers in here, trying to catch their breath.

Damn the UAC for not letting us know what they were up to. I hope this company dies with us. If only I could manage to get myself into my security booth and open up the nearest surface access, then I might be able to allow all of the workers to escape. It's the most terrifying task ever for me, but it's worth it if I can get us outta here.

My gun was locked and loaded, and I needed some luck on this one. I carefully typed the entrance code on the display to open the vault door. The air was several times thicker out there. I walked with great caution down the corridor, that was filled with corpses lying on the floor. This was a grim scene to bare witness to. I contiuned along to turn left, in order to move in the right direction. As I was trying to avoid to make any noise, I could hear something behind me. It was coming from the other side of the corridor. It sounded like one of those fallen marines. The sound was turning louder and I couldn't move on until I had taken the thing out before continuing.


I had been standing in the middle of the corridor for about five minutes, when I finally spotted the mutant. It was walking slowly, almost like patrolling. Quickly, before he saw me, I fired off five bullets in it's chest and it fell to the ground. I ran towards the corpse to check if he was dead. His mouth was a mess. I could see on his name tag that he had the rank of a sergeant. His face was bloody and had alot of scars. He didn't get killed from my bullets though, so I picked up his shotgun that he was about to fire of, and put an end to his misery.

I checked the mutant for ammo, and was happy to found atleast 20 shells. The shotgun was loaded with eight. My pistol only had three bullets left, so I got rid of it. For a second time, I walked in the direction that would eventually lead me to a large door that said surface access. With my flashlight that I always carry on me in my right hand, and the shotgun in my left, I entered a storage area. This had to be sector E.


After searching the entire storage for more demons, I could conclude that it was empty. The storage wasn't that big, but it was suitable for an ambush. The only lights that were lit was the red emergency lights. It was almost pitch black in certain areas of the storage, but I never heard anyone or anything. To get to the surface access, I was forced to go north. This means that I have to go through some computer terminals. I believe that many of the personnel that worked on this base were stationed there. The purpose for those terminals were to keep the actual security system online. Otherwise the area doesn't contain much more than that.


With sweat in my forehead and an old gum in my mouth, I spotted a security booth. It looked seriously damaged. I walked slowly towards it, looked inside and was shocked. In a chair, I could see a slain security guard, but that was thanks to his name tag. His head was missing, and his outfit was badly ripped apart. Piles of meat from his body has been stored on the floor. The computers were destroyed and wires were hanging from the ceiling. Besides this awful scene, I spotted something else on the floor. It looked like a security pass of some sort. I picked it up and red it's content:

Security card A-5105. Access to sector A. Sector A is the main facility and contains the following working stations; computer terminal 1A, 2A and 3A. Administration area and military buildings are also contained within this sector. End of information transmission.


As much as I want to use this card, I can't. The demons must have gotten to the surface sector first. It's impossible for me to resist the numbers of beasts that has taken control up there. I need to focus on my main task, and that's to open up the nearest access to the surface. Then again, I can't even be sure that the rest of the personnel I left behind is still alive. What if I'm all alone now? Should I save my own ass in order to escape this catastrophe? Or should I play the hero I never wanted to be in the first place? With all this thinking, I couldn't be sure of anything anymore.

It doesn't matter which route I take to my own security booth that wil open up the surface access door, I will still encounter countless of corpses in front of my eyes all the time. Someone must have sent a message back to Earth to inform them about the situation here at the base. Or did the demons butcher all of them that fast? I must move along, because it might be my only chance to survive.

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