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Er, animated textures?

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This is an idea that occured to me while ago. With the general idea of Sargebaldy's and Nanami's psuedo scripting in Vanilla idea in mind, here we go. What if at the start of the level, the player triggered a linedef. This would set off a barrel which would push a voodoo doll foward. Since this is the start of the level, it could immediately go over something to give it back health, and the player would be okay. It would go down a flight of stairs, triggering linedefs. These would cause floors to lower instantly. They would each have one texture of an animated sequence, and the voodoo triggers would be timed to the original animated texture intervals. At the end, the voodoo doll would trigger a linedef that would raise all the floors back up again, then it would teleport back to the top of the stairs and start all over again. This has a few problems, of course. The player would pretty easily be able to see what was happening if it wad close to the texture. Of course, the biggest problem is whether or not the doll would keep it's momentum after teleporting. I am pretty sure it will, since you can shoot barrels over linedefs and they keep their momentum, but I haven't tested it. I actually haven't tested this at all, since I don't know how to time the stuff right. But even if it won't repeat, it still would probably work for a few things.

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A couple of problems with that:

1 - The only way you're going to keep the momentum going is to use barrels to continually propel the dummy player forward, and you can only have a limited number of barrels and medikits.
2 - What happens when a dummy player teleports? Do you teleport to that spot or does it? If you do teleport to that spot instead of the dummy player, then this effect won't work, but it does open up other possibilities. For instance, imagine being able to teleport from anywhere in the map to a specific spot. If both you and the dummy player teleport to that spot, it will be very messy to say the least, but it does provide some interesting puzzle options (similar to TNT map 30).

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The voodoo doll would teleport back to the top of the stairs, but since momentum wouldn't keep going, it don't matter. Darn.

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