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deepsea take off my custom textures.

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sorry i know I post a lot lately,
anyway,I have a problem whith deepsea.
I use Wintex for customize my textures; when I do that and open the customized wad on deepsea all is good ,but when I save it,deepsea put back on the wad the doom2 texture putting off all my custom textures.
How to keep my textures modifying my wad in deepsea?

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Press F5 and tick the 'Group Save' box.

BTW, if you want your textures back, there'll be a file called 'wadname.bak' (where wadname is the same name as the .wad file) which is the previous version of the wad.

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Or do as I do: put your custom textures in a seperate resource WAD and your level in another. Turn off 'group save' in deepsea, and load the resource wad and then your level wad. When modifing the level WAD and saving, it will now only save the level WAD and leave your resource WAD alone but you can still use/see your custom resources.

Obvious advantages: no mucking around with your precious resource WAD, and you can make multiple backups of your level-in-progress without wasting a lot of disk space.

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