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Hud Messages

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I need to turn print(d:countd, s:" Seconds Until Explosion"); into a HUD Message that is either in the top centre part of the screen or the upper right part of the screen. I just want basic font, but red in colour. How would I do this?

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hudmessage (d:countd, s:" Seconds Until Explosion", HUDMSG_FADEOUT , 0, CR_RED, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0);
Try that. Just for your information btw...
hudmessage (s:"put text here", HUDMSG_SOMETHING , ID, CR_COLOR, x-axis, y-axis, time);
HUDMSG_SOMETHING can be either HUDMSG_TYPEON or HUDMSG_FADEOUT, or something else I forget.

The ID is the id number of the hud message. If you have multiple hudmessages at once, this comes in handy.

CR_COLOR is the color.

x-axis is where it appears on the screen (left or right) 0.0 is left side, 1.0 is right side.

y-axis is where it appears on the screen (top or bottom) 0.0 is top side, 1.0 is bottom side.

Time is how long the message should stay in SECONDS! Like 1.0 is one second. 0.0 is infinity. If you want to get rid of an infinite message, you have to make another hudmessage with the same id, but make it say " ".

Somebody else is probably gonna come and correct me on everything I just said soon, so you might wanna wait for them :)

EDIT: DOH I DOUBLE POSTED. Just forget that last post thanks.

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Hey, thanks Epyo! Your idea worked perfectly. Although is there any way to just make a HUDMESSAGE dissappear after it's done instead of fading out or typing in the next one?

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There's an example WAD about 4 from the bottom of this page:


that may help you.

Quite frankly, I can't even remember what's in it, but I think it covers a few different hud message effects.

Edit: Ahhhh Fek. There's something screwy going on with that site. Everytime I try and DL one of the files, I get redirected to a site that says:

You are trying to download this file from a member page hosted on Lycos Tripod UK for free:

To access this file, you need to visit the member page first:
(you will be redirected in 5 seconds)

And that's when I do visit the correct site. So I just go round and round in a cyclic orgy of links, never getting to the file I want. Bah, it used to work. If it works for you, good luck. Sounds like a Lycos problem to me. Let's hope they sort it out.

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Instead of HUDMSG_FADEOUT, there's HUDMSG_NORMAL, and another one I can't remember that's a combo of fade out and typeon.

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