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Legacy 3D platforms vs. swimmable water

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I was recently given a link to a site with some legacy tricks, and so I'm taking a break from my megawad to do a DM map with them. Basically, it centers around one big nukeage pit (which is swimmable; takes off 5-10% health on the surface, 10-20% if you happen to sink to the floor) with bridges across it in a + pattern... and these bridges are all 3D platforms above the nukeage, so that you can swim under them. Also, the bridge sectors are double bridges (meaning there are two dummy sectors with lines tagged to it, so there's a bridge-over-bridge scenario).

My problem: the bridges are 16 units above the nukeage, and I can't jump out of it. I also tried making little stepping platforms in the nukeage (which you can also swim under) which were 8 units above, and that didn't work either. In fact, the only height difference that DID work is 0.

What puzzles me most is, my friend who gave me the site link made a DM wad as well, and in his, this effect works... can anyone help?

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