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Total silence ruled the landscape now. The humans had won their massive strike against the remaining demons located on Earth. Rebuild the entire planet. Learn the civilians how to defend themselves against such vile creatures. Show them how to react. No mercy, no hesitation, just keep the concept murder in your head and pull the trigger. A new form of hatred was about to take place on this planet. The old hatreds against themselves had died, but a new one had been born. Responsible for the worst catastrophe of all time. They couldn't get their beloved ones back, so they screamed for them to come back.

Only dust and fire could be spotted, aswell as the billions of corpses that lied on the ground. Countless ammounts of tears was coming out of people's eyes. The troops felt nothing but rage. A gigantic new project was beginning. The resources were hard to find and the population that had landed back on Earth didn't feel any hope of a new civilization. Did this catastrophe learn us anything else than to protect everything that we had built? Or did we continue to live in the same state of mind? Filled with anger and hatred.

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