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Naked Snake

DOOM monsters

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Imp:Im bored

Demon:Goddamnit.I dont have cool spikes like you do.Bastard.


Spiderdemon:I am your god.

Imp:You are my bitch.Bend over and take it like a slut.

Spiderdemon:Use lube this time.

Demon:No he wants you to take the pain.

Imp:You do realize the Imp is the strongest monster in DOOM.


Imp:Not in power retard.In numbers.


Demon:Good point.

Spiderdemon:I rule all!

Imp:Are you still standing?I said bend over!

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Wait let me finish!!!!!!

*In another part of hell we see the floater monsters.*

Cacodemon:I hate hell.Itssssssss to damn hot.

Pain Elemental:At least Pain Elementals dont hiss when we talk.

Cacodemon:Who wassssssss talking about hissssssssing!?I wasssssssss talking about the heat.Faggot.

Lost Soul:Me on fire!
*remeber in the DOOM manual the lost soul is dumb and on fire?Well its true*

*Cacodemon and Pain Elemental look at Lost Soul like he just superglued a dildo to his forehead.*

Cacodemon:If I had armsssssss I would ssssssmack you.

Lost Soul:I like peanut butter.

*Pain Elemental flys over and punches Lost Soul*

Lost Soul:......ow.....


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