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Puzzling Doom64tc installation question

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I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong.My head is about to f*cking explode with frustration!

First of all I've downloaded all the relevant files from the Doom Depot (Doomsday installer ver 1.7.11 / Doom64TC abstin.exe / kickstart 2 beta / d64tc_src.rar file)

Regarding the Doomsday installer ver 1.7.11,I have downloaded two versions of the same file from Doomsday HQ.Version with installer and version without.

Anyway the problem arises when the game is processing all the data (screen with grey background/white text???)Basically it crashes and a Windows pop up Error informs me of the following:

Doomsday has caused an error in Doomsday.EXE
Doomsday will now close

This happens every time.I located the Doomsday.exe file which automatically stored itself in the C:\Windows\Doomsday\Bin folder,tried opening it and was agin informed of the following:

Doomsday 1.7.11
InitGame DLL:no game DLL was aspecified

Also as I said earlier I have downloaded the d64tc_src.rar file but am unsure as to which folder it should be located in.

Could someone do me a huge favour and PLEASE tell me whats up?

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Download latest Version of JDoom (Doomsday Engine) and download latest version of Doom 64 TC. To install it properly, run the executable, which is the Doom 64 TC and install it to the right Doomsday folder. After that, run Kickstart 2 from your Doomsday folder, go to Doom 64 Absolution from the games dropdown box and you're all set!

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Thanks but I figured out what the problem was about 2 weeks ago.

Basically all I had to do was download & install v1.7.10 of the Doomsday installer instead of the very next version which was provided with all the relevant remaining Doom 64 data.

Its running beautifully too.

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