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PrBoom for BeOS

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XDelusion has let us know about the release of PrBoom 2.2.3 for BeOS, of which you can view information about here at BeBits. If you didn't know, BeOS is an alternative operating system, and is often touted for its multimedia capabilities. Of course, a couple of years ago Be Inc. was more or less sold to Palm, and the OS became orphaned. PrBoom becomes the second Doom port to BeOS.

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Just for the note, BeOS is not totally dead, but at the same time does not have the same great coders working behind it as it once did. Yellow Tab has picked up the rights to expand upon BeOS, and has changed the name of the OS to Zeta, which "should" be coming be appearing sometime around Christmas I'd assume.

You can find out more here:


And yes, the OS does rule, it is a shame that Microsoft would not allow companies to share the boot sector, otherwise HP, Compaq, Toshiba, and a few other PC makers, would have included it with there desktop PC's that are sold all over the world, from the Internet, to your local shopping center such as Wal-Mart. :/

Once again, another GREAT saviour has risen, only to fall.

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beos is still the best one around. its 2nd to linux. i mean it can do a good bit of good n gfx with a shitty processor.

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The thing about BeOS that I REALLY love is the fact that you can be downloading a file, or saving a HUGE AVI file or what ever to your hard drive, then lets say you realize you are saving to the wrong directory, or do not have enough disk space on that partation, well you can drag that file to another location all together, while it is being written to the hard drive, and BeOS will NOT complain, unlike Winblows or Linux which will refuse this and tell you the file is currently in use.

If Linux could Auto-Mount all drives correctly as BeOS does, and if it had the responsive, low resource GUI that X IS NOT, then that would be VERY awsome. Linux does have the better network interface, and a large support in drivers, but BeOS has the GUI that ANYBODY could sit down and learn in a few minutes. I open Open BeOS, and Zeta amount to something, if not there is always Amiga OS 4 to look foward to. :)

Glad to see there are still people who recognize BeOS as a sad loss in OS history.

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