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Sorry, such a newb question

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If you wanted to tell doom2 to play back your game, you would type

doom2 -playdemo mygame

I have forgotten how to add command lines to games. I discovered this when trying to play a demo on Doom 2. Where do I type in the -playdemo command line and how do I get there?

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A command line, like the Windows Run box.

Just type in *.exe -(command) (parameters for command)

Like this

zdoomdos.exe -file dbintro.wad -map e1m1 -skill 3

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There are some examples of typical command lines for watching demos here.

As ravage says, you can use Start -> Run in Windows. Or make a batch file, or open a command prompt (Programs -> Command Prompt or Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt).

In XP you will need to give the full path for the executable (e.g. c:\doom2\glboom.exe) and for any other files that aren't in the same directory.

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