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Hi, I am a Spanish doomer and I am finishing a mod for EDGE, UAC en Hapal and I saw that there aren´t any web page dedicated to this good Source Port because most of the people don´t like it. I want to make a portal for Edge in english and spanish but I don´t want to work for one or two persons. I want to be sure that the numbers of persons that will visit this web will be a minimum number. If you are doing a mod or tc for EDGE and want that I make this web with tutorials, utilities, forum, chat, news about mods, monthly awards to the best works (like http://www.wolfenstein3D.co.uk) and a version of EDGE 1.27 updated with some new things that I made, register to my data base of edge users and you will be notified when the web page will be done.

If you want to register, go to this section of my web page:



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Good luck Cyberkiller! I've signed up.

But remember that most Doomworld members don't use EDGE: most times this place seems like the unofficial ZDoom forums ;) so don't be surprised if you don't get too many interesados

And please, no EDGE flaming.

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Hey, I'll sign up. I like EDGE. At least, I like some of the TCs and PCs that are EDGE-exclusive.

[edit]Whoops. Didn't realize it was only for mod/TC folks. I should read more carefully. My bad.

I actually want to make a levelset using EDGE but they've got a few issues to work out and I have some permissions to get before I can really get started. Sadly, it's more likely I'll be using the DDF->VavoomC converter and working in Vavoom - which has even fewer fans than EDGE.[/edit]

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