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this seems to be the most recent and uptodate doom dreamcast port, and the one with the most features. however current version is dated sept 2002, year ago. while it is a fiarly good port with nice features there are a number of thing that need worked out.
Load times
'quit' option does not work
random freezeing when useing menu
random saved game failer, or corrupted saved games.
needs options that work with Dreamcast
ability to modifiy controls.
faster saves
muiltiplayer ability (with split screen, but use of modem would kick ass)
enhanced sound and graphics

dream lists
full Prboom support.
zdoom support/features
full net play,
higher res for levels, looks better on TV (makes doom look more original.
better sound support (current sound is similar to a early soundblaster, sound similar to the SB AWE 32/64 series would rock)
MP3 music support (why not?)

i wonder if it will ever be updated

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