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The Ultimate DooMer

Editing the ZDoom source

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Can someone help me? I need to edit the ZDoom 2.0.47 source in order to fix a simple bug. I know what to change to fix the bug but I don't know what program to use to edit the zdoom.exe (I can't find the 47 source anywhere) and what to use for recompiling it afterwards.

And before you ask, I can't use any newer versions of ZDoom (terminal problem on my PC) and I need this bug fixing for my Sonic mod. (and I've asked on the ZDoom forums and got no response).

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I'm sure they'll release the source once version 48 is released. As for what program to use, well I haven't tried it on ZDoom, but I use Visual C++ for JHexen .dll editing. I guess it's possible to use it for ZDoom as well.

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