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[Free] 4 Monsters for your Maps

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Well, I released them already in Nick Baker's Beastiary thread but I think, they deserver their own topic for your viewing pleasuer ;)

Nevertheless, I have uploaded 3 altered doom monsters and one altered Blood monster, which replaces Hexen/Heretic demons. I used them in my latest TNT successor ("Torment & Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation", get it at http://www.tormentor667.de). Now that it has been released some months ago, I think, the monsters itself could be very usable for someone else. I've uploaded a pack with just these monsters and all their necassary files (sounds, sprites, projectiles) in one wad. Here a little preview:

(not on the picture: Spider from Blood)

You can download the wad at

It's possible, that you have to alter some SNDINFO lines but that's all :)
I'd be happy if someone finds this useful. But if you use this monsters, please give me a small and simple credit line :)

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