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2 weeks, 4000km and 2 weddings

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Longest. Vacation. Evar.

Anyway, that's where I've been for the last two weeks. Drove from Vancouver (BC) to Edmonton (Alberta) to Lloydminster (Saskatchewan) to Vernon (BC) back to Vancouver. I'm exhausted, so no work on ZDoomGL tonight.

We got to drive through plenty of smoke from the forest fires here in BC, but didn't actually see any of them. We managed to get through Kelowna before it went crazy (barely, it was practically snowing ash) and came back through Barriere/Kamloops after they got that one under control.

Next time I'll actually let people know when I take off :)

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It seems that all you did in the past months was going to weddings :) Welcome back and hope you had a good time while you were there.

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Farlowj said:

Does anybody else get turned on by timmies' picture over there on the left?

I find it a deeply disturbing pic, and now I find you deeply disturbing too. :-)

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Actually now that i've seen it up close, it does look freakish. But all's well that means well. (Is that how it goes?)

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DOOM Anomaly said:

Hehe Looks like some picture I saw in the National Inquirer a long time ago.

Where do you think I got it from :) The "Weekly World News" is the greatest paper of all time!

One day I'll make it to Manitoba and Nova Scotia. The wife has relatives in Manitoba (some aunts or something) and my moms side of the family came from Nova Scotia...

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