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You toss and turn in your sleep.The nightmares are back again.Even a memo-wipe couldnt stop them.The memories branded way deep into the dark recesses of your mind.The memories of your comrades slaughtered or sent back into battle as brain eating killing machines.The nightmares make you wake up in a cold sweat.You wipe the sweat from your brow.You look over at your wife.She is sound asleep.Hmm.You need a warm glass of milk.You walk into the kitchen.Opening the door a Lost Soul flies out and attacks you.You punch,knocking over the leftover ham.Damn.A halluctionation...or was it?

No wait that ending was to damn cliche.

You shake your head.Now hallucanations.Damn.Maybe a complete memo-burn would be good.(note:Memo-burn would be they wipe all your mind clean but copy memories and put in only pre-selected memories).No.Then you would forget how to beat those bastards if they returned...when they return...

Damn.Another cliche ending.Heh.Hold on.

No.They cant return.You destroyed hell.The Icon of Sin was dead.This makes you feel better.The microwave beeps.Your milk is done.You quickly slam it and go back to your bedroom.As you sit on the edge of the bed you open your nightstand drawer.You check your pistol.Loaded.Just in case of course.

Ok so that was cliche to but so what?

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