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Favorite Heretic Episode

What's your favorite Heretic episode?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite Heretic episode?

    • E1 - City of the Damned
    • E2 - Hell\'s Maw
    • E3 - The Dome of D\'Sparil
    • E4 - The Ossuary
    • E5 - The Stagnant Demesne
    • E6 - Fate\'s Path

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E1, mostly because it had pretty good cityesque maps and most of the registered monsters sucked. i liked E3's endboss best though.

but as this is about heretic and not doom, shouldn't it be in EE?

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I especially liked Halls of the Apostate, Blockhouse, Catafalque, and Ambulatory. In fact, parts of the Crypts remake (especially the mausoleum with the green key) is inspired by this episode.

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Heh my next Heretic level has a medium sized Ambulatory-esque section where you have to run in and grab the green key, whilst avoiding multiple crushing ceilings.

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