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Legacy & Doomsday CRASH

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I have a serious Prob :
Legacy 1.40 and Doomsday 1.7.12 crash completely on my fresh installed WIN2000
Service Pack 4 machine with DirectX 9.0b
and actual nvidia drivers 45.23.
Legacy works in OpenGL mode, but crashes
in SOFTWARE(!) Mode. Doomsday crashes in all modes. The Computer ic completely locked, I just can power off...

The same machine worked perfectly before
with old directX 8 and other nvidia driver. Does anybody have a similar experience and/or a remedy for this ??

-H-E-L-P- !!!

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OK,OK,OK, I've got it :

It's a prob of the damn nvidia driver.
Old WHQL-certified verion works fine...
Sorry for making trouble and thanx to
everybody !!!

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Thanks qwerty666! That was one of the most insightful and fulfilling posts I've seen in a long time. I can now die a happy man. My life is complete.

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