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New DOOM 3 article

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There's no real new information in that article. Two old screenies from quakecon, four player DM only, etc. The demo map had shootable glass and obstructions such as movable crates (*collective gasp*) players could hide behind. Lights could be moved or swung to create shadows, or shot out. There's also a question about why they made their own physics engine instead of licensing one such as Havoc did (do I need to answer that?), and a comment that aiming seems much more difficult due to the fact that there is no more hit-box. They also ask why they showed only a DM map and not a SP map, which was answered by "quakecon is a DM event".

Miscellaneous info: a player starts a game with pistol and flashlight. You can shoot hanging corpses after which they start to swing. The surroundings are dark. When you approach a switch close enough your weapon is automatically tucked away, and you can flip the switch with your mouse. The next cheese: wait around switches until your opponent activates it (and so leaves himself wide open to attack). Shadows can betray your position. There's no hitbox, but polygon-based hit tracing.

The DM demo had five weapons; pistol, shotgun, machinegun, rocketlauncher and plasma gun. You also had your bare fists and a flashlight - which can also be used to smack opponents with. The full game apparantly has a bigger arsenal. Powerups seen so far are a health and armor orb, plus the berserker kit. Picking up a berserker powerup results in double speed, a red glow around your character while emmitting a constant howling sound and, of course, one-hit kills with your bare fists. Out of the box the game should come with normal DM, Team DM and Last Man Standing modes, but not CTF.

There's also a tidbit about Quake4... to be developed by Raven, SP but also MP with "hopefully more than four players", and with a Stroggos storyline.

That's about all. Expected release date: 2004.

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